• "Automated Trading Generate 2nd Income "
  • "Automated Trading Generate 2nd Income "
  • "Automated Trading Generate 2nd Income "

Robot Trading

I began to trade forex since 2004. Over the years I have tried a lot of indicators and strategies. None of these indicator-based strategies can survive one year backtesting. Indicators fail because market is moving randomly. Why don't we come up with a strategy without indicators at all? There is a grid trading system out there with no indicators involved. But it is very hard to get rid of losing trades. Most of time there are too many of them for profit. Not long ago I came up with a fishing bait system. This is what I call it. As what the name means, I place minimal orders like bait in the beginning to test the market. If the market starts to move in a trend, moving stop steps up to take care of the trades which are along with the trend. Those bait trades which are against the trend are stopped out. After I coded this into what I call "GoldenFisher" bot. It can easily survive 2 years' historical data backtesting. My trading system features:

  1. very steady growth in profit;
  2. no crazy moves;
  3. work on any currency pairs (tight spread currency pairs are preferred);
  4. Free daily technical analysis, please subscribe to my youtube channel to get the analysis video on time;
  5. Good possibility to double your trading account in a month;
I offer full functional evaluation copy so that you can try on demo account or backtesting without any risk. After you find out the best inputs for the currency pair you want to trade on, you start trading real money. Please feel free to contact me for support on skype/wechat: frxgoeasy.

Take advantage of opportunities not normally available to you, the robot watches the market around the clock giving you the freedom with time.

Avoid human errors, the automated trading system doesn't make mistakes or forget to execute trades. It does what it is told always.

Manual trading is near extinct. Electronic trading from computers makes up the majority of volume.


If you are not satisfied with the robot within 30 days after your purchase for any reason, you get a full refund! (This guarantee does not apply to those who have already taken free trials)