• "Automated Trading Generate 2nd Income "
  • "Automated Trading Generate 2nd Income "
  • "Automated Trading Generate 2nd Income "

  1. DOWNLOAD BOT: GoldenFisher (金色渔夫系统之汇赚软件)
  2. DOWNLOAD (English)
  3. The bot can work best with the following setup:
    Broker Company PaxForex InstaForex
    Account Type Cent Account Standard Account
    Min. Initial Fund 1000 $10000
    Leverage Recommended 1:100 or lower 1:100 or lower
    Rebate on EA purchase if account opened by the following link. (extra extension on subscription) 25% 50%
    Account Opening Link paxForex InstaForex
    Subscription per month $150 per $10000 balance $150 per $10000 balance
    FREE use on demo accounts unlimited unlimited
  4. Trading 3 pairs at a time with base lot 0.01 and balance min $3000 in Instaforex account or min $500 in PaxForex cent account is recomended.
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  7. For technical support and enquiries please contact Skype: frxgoeasy, WhatsApp: 7783888125, Facebook: Marshall.yin.5, Wechat: frxgoeasy