• "Automated Trading Generate 2nd Income "
  • "Automated Trading Generate 2nd Income "
  • "Automated Trading Generate 2nd Income "

Fund Management Program

Minimum investing fund of us$50,000 is required. Performance fee: 35% no setup fee, no need to purchase the robot. You open cents accounts or standard trading accounts depending on your fund size in your own name, we will take care of the rest.

Q 1: Is my money secure if I choose to invest with you?

Your accounts will be in your own name, nobody except yourself can withdraw the fund from your account. Your accounts will be linked to our trading system and you will be able to see all the trading activities in your accounts.

Q 2: When can I withdraw my profit from my trading accounts?

We will set up a goal for your accounts based on your risk profile and account size, once the goal is reached, you can withdraw your profit.

Q3: When will you withdraw your performance fee?

Whenever your goal is reached.